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Kameleon Headers
Create Modern & Clean Header Layouts For Your Website.
Creative Header Layouts
Kameleon WordPress theme comes bundled with multiple pre designed headers with unlimited style possibilities that you can choose from.
Multiple Concepts
Choose your header concept and layout like normal, fullscreen, Off Canvas or vertical header.
Header Styling
Choose the colors, backgrounds, element distance and font settings of each header content and section.
Header Transparent
Apply a transparent header with different colors and settings so you can apply an image or slider under.
Top Header
It’s an info area where you can add sections and display info like phone number or social links and more.
Sticky Header
Sticky header is the header that will be shown when users scroll down the page and will be always active.
Hover Effects
You have dozens for modern & creative hover effects that you can apply for the links or drop downs.
Search Layouts
Choose the search layout you want to apply on your header as drop down, fixed drop, full screen and more.
Full Screen
Choose a full screen header that will be triggered by hamburger icon, and control the style and effects.
Off Canvas
Choose the side header that will be triggered by hamburger icon, and control the style and effects.
Multiple Header Types
Kameleon comes with flexible headers layouts and options, you have the full control of your header styles and positions, each header type can have it’s own settings and options to match your overall website design look & feel.
Transparent Header Settings
Kameleon headers comes with the options to have a transparent header that will be positioned above a slider or background image. The transparent header can be enabled by choosing the fixed header and changing the header background color. You can have a transparent header in your full website or in just some pages individually, the same transparency settings are applied to the responsive header layouts.
Top Header Section
The top header section is an area where you can display some information about your website like phone number, email, address or social profile links. The top section is full controllable and you can change the settings as you want or you can disable the full section.
Section Number
Start by choosing the number of your top header section, each section can have it’s own content.
Styling Options
Control the size of your top header also the background color and content elements fonts.
Sticky & Responsive
The top header area can be enabled or disable on both sticky header and in the responsive layouts.
Sticky Header Feature
Sticky header is another modern features that can be enabled for your headers. Once enabled the header will be always shown allowing visitors to navigate your website pages easily without having to scroll back up to the header. Sticky header options and styles are fully customizable.
Responsive Headers
Kameleon headers are fully responsive and retina ready, the same options of the desktop header can be applied for the responsive ones. You can apply transparent headers, enable sticky header features and more. For the menu links you can choose either the drop down or the off canvas.
Advanced Option Settings
Everything about Kameleon header are customizable, you have the full control of all your header sections, elements and styles, here is a small list of what you can customize.
Header height size.
Inside content width.
Header multiple positions.
Search icon style.
Search layout type.
WooCommerce cart icon.
Header transparency.
Hamburger icon styling.
Slide widget area.
Header background & borders.
Sticky header feature.
Sticky custom styling.
Links hover effects.
Drop down style effects.
Full Screen header.
Side header Off-canvas
Vertical header!
More and more...