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Kameleon WordPress Theme
Core Features & Goodies
Learn more about all the core features and possibilities that
you will benefit from when using our kameleon modern theme
Page Builder
Discover a custom WPBackery page builder and benefit from sayen studio templates.
Header Builder
Discover the most advanced drag and drop header builder on a WordPress theme.
Sayen Studio
Benefit from dozens of pre-made templates and blocks ready to use on WPBackey plugin.
Demo Importer
Beautifully crafted home page templates ready to be imported by one just click.
Blog Styling
Live blog list designer with multiple styles you can choose from – a total freedom.
Portfolio Styling
Live designer so you can style your portfolios hover effects and navigation.
Font Manager
Upload your custom fonts or use the Google ones with an intuitive interface.
Icon Manager
Create & upload custom icons set and use them in all header and page builder elements.
GDPR Privacy
Make your website compatible with GDPR and custom the messages and notices.
Modern Version of
WPBackery Page Builder.
Create stunning pages within minutes.

Kameleon theme comes with customized version of WPBackery page builder plugin that will allow you creating pages and importing templates with just few clicks no coding required. With modern and unique elements ready to use, you have the total freedom of combining options and styles settings.

50 Shortcode Elements
Kameleon comes with more than 50 pre defined elements that you can use on the WPBackery page builder.
Shortcode Styling
Create pre defined design styles for your shortcode elements and use them right away.
Replica Section
Create sections and blocks and use them on different pages, the changes will be affected globally.
Sayen Templates Studio
for WPBackery Page Builder.
Add templates and pre designed blocks.
Kameleon modern themes offers a template library that you can use with the page builder easily. Just choose the template blocks you want to add and with a simple click it will be create, You can add unlimited blocks and combine them, we will be adding more modern templates and blocks frequently., creating pages has never been easier.
Kameleon Modern
Blog List Styler .
Custom your blog post list with live styler.
Kameleon theme comes bundled with a modern tool that will allow you styling you blog home list with a live styler. Choose the font settings colors and backgrounds of your blog. You have the full control with unlimited design combinations possibilities.


Design the pagination and the lazy loading load more button to match the overall website design look and feel.

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Kameleon Project
Portfolios Designer .
Showcase your work and projects in a modern way.
We have create a design tool that will allow you styling your portfolios projects and taking control of the look and the layout of your projects lists. Each portfolio hover effects has it’s own design settings that you can change easily with few clicks.
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Kameleon Modern Theme
Templates Demo Importer.
Import full website pages with one click.
Kameleon offers dozens of pre made and designed home templates that you can import with one click. All the home templates are made by professional designers with attention to details, we will be creating more templates constantly and pushing them directly from our servers to your WordPress site so you can use them without having to update your theme or plugins.
Google & Custom
Font Manager .
Total and full control over the typography and fonts.
With Kameleon theme you have the possibility to use a font from the famous Google Font library or you can upload your custom fonts using our font manager. Once you upload a font it will be ready to be used in the theme options panel, the WPBackery elements or in our Sayen header builder.


You can add as many fonts you want and be used in different section of the website just keep in mind the more you upload the slower you website will be!

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Icons Manager .
Upload and create custom icon sets.
Kameleon adds the possibility to create custom icons set. You can created unlimited icons set for your website without worrying about the loading performance, because in the front end kameleon loads only the ones you are using on that page.Once you create an icon set you can add or remove other icons. Use icomoon to create the packs.
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Sidebar Manager .
Create, remove and modify your sidebars.
With Kameleon theme you can create unlimited sidebars and widgets area, once you create a sidebar just add your widgets to it, and it will be ready to be used in any part of your website. In each single page or custom post you have the ability to apply a different sidebar using the page or post options.
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The General Data Protection Regulation has been applied since 25 May 2018, Kameleon  theme and all the bundled plugins that uses are fully compatible with the GDPR rules and laws, we have made it easy to customize the settings and options.