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Sidebar is a widget ready area where you can display your widgets and some info that you want. Sidebars can enabled or disabled globally or on each single page or post.
Styling Settings.
Apply the style and colors to customize your sidebars.
Background Color: Choose a background color for the sidebar section area.
Margin Bottom : Apply a margin and distance between each widget in the sidebar.
Title Font : Each widget can have a title, Upi can customize the font and the color of those titles.
Text Font : Apply the font settings and colors for the widgets text content.
Tag Cloud : Choose the settings for the tags widget.
Sidebar Settings.
You enable or disable the sidebar in any page or post type. Once it’s enabled choose your widgets contains (that you have created in your WordPress admin panel). and choose the position of your sidebars. These settings can be overwritten in each single page or post.