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Layout options allows you to controll the global website layout and also all the global elements like (Page Loader – Page Frame – Go Top Button)
Page Layout Settings.
In the page layout you can define the global layout for your website pages and posts.
Layout Type : Choose the page layout type either full width or boxed.
Boxed Layout : Boxed layout will create a container in the middle of the page that will contain all the content. Outside of that container you can apply a different color or background image.
Full Width Layout : This layout will take the full screen width, however you can choose the width of the inside content either 100% or choose by pixel.
Background Color : Choose your website background color. You can change the background color for each page if you wish.
Note When applying a global layout settings for your website, You have the possibility to define different layout on single pages too if you want using the pages backend options.
Page Loader.
Page loader is a full screen section that contains a loader icon or custom image. This section will hide all the page content until all the content is loaded then it will disappear with an effect that you can choose.
Enable Loader : Enable or disable the page loader for your website, you still have the possibility to override this in each single page or post.
Background Type : Choose the background type for the loader section (Image – Color).
Spinner Type : Choose the spinner icon type (Defaulr or Custom Image).
Spinner Style : When you choose the default spinner type, you can choose the CSS style for and colors.
Hider Effect : Choose a hider effect for the page loader section when the page is loaded.
Layout Frame.
For extra modern look we have created the layout frame features once it’s enabled it will add a frame (Left – Top – Right – Bottom) to your page.
Enable Frame : Enable or disable the page frame for your website, you still have the possibility to override this in each single page or post.
Frame Size : Choose the frame size in pixel.
Frame Color : Apply a color for your frame, best if different than the page background color.
GoTop Button.
Go top button is a button that will be displayed in the bottom of the page and it will be showed once you scroll down the page, When clicked it the page will scroll to the top automatically with a smooth scrolling effects, here are some settings options you can apply.
Styling : Apply the size (width – height) of your button. Color and background for both normal and hover state. Choose the arrow style.
Hover : We have added may hover effects for the button that you can choose from.
Position : The button will be always placed at the bottom of the page however you can choose the alignment of it (Left – Center – Right).
Mobile : You can enable or disable this button feature on the mobile and responsive screens.