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About Kameleon v2

You must know that when updating from Kameleon v1.xx to Kameleon V2 : your website will not look the same and many changes will be made, So be carefull before you update and you can contact the support for more information and for help!
We are so excited and thrilled to present you the new version of our “Kameleon Create WordPress Theme”, a new version that comes with tons of features and options, and bring innovative solutions to the WordPress world. Kameleon V2 promises a whole new experience of creating websites, where you will have the full control and total freedom to customize anything and everything with unique tools and builders.
What's new in Kameleon V2?
– Header Builder : The most advanced yet easy to use header builder in the market, allowing you to create any header design you can imagine using our dedicated & modern header elements.
– Sayen Elements : An enhanced version of our best seller kaswara addons plugin. It comes with creative shortcodes that gives your the freedom to create any web design possible.
– Sayen Studio : A pre designed block templates library, that will help you creating web pages easily and fastly.
– Blog Styler : A live design tool, to style your blog list and pagination.
– Portfolio Styler : Showcase your portfolios with unique style using our portfolio live designer.
– Icon Manager : Create icon sets and upload unlimited SVG icons so you can use them in the page or header builders.
– Font Manager : Have the full control over your website typography and enable Google fonts or upload your custom fonts.
– Demo Importer : A list of well craftted home templates that you can import with a simple click.
– Sidebar Manager : Create unlimited sidebar and widgets areas so you can use them in different parts of the Website.
– Privacy Manager (GDPR) : Make your website compiliant with the new GDPR rules.
Before You Update!
Please read this carefully before you update your Kameleon theme from v1.6 to Kameleon V2.
In order to follow the new trends and to provide our clients with the best theme we could make, we have decided to make some brave changes to the Kameleon V2. Here are a list of what to expect when updating to the new theme version.


1- A new WPbakery addons : We have decided to drop the Ultimate Addon and to use our own premium plugin kaswara that we call sayen elements now, It’s faster, more beautiful and with more unique features. If you update to the Kameleon V2, you should be aware that all the pages that you have create using the Ultimate ADDONS elements should be remade using our new Sayen Elements (kaswara) Addons plugin.


2- A new theme options system : A whole new theme options and settings that gives you the possibility to customize anything. We have create our own theme options system. Which is faster and better than the old that was based on Redux framework.

I have updated the theme and now all my old options are lost?
As we have stated before the Kameleon V2 options panel is re-created from scratch with a lot more options settings and even faster features. If you are willing to use Kameleon V2 in an existing website with Kameleon 1 we ecourage you to create a test site with the new version of the theme and make the changes there then upload to your real online website, so you can avoid any downtime or bad behavior.
I have updated the theme and I want my old theme back (downgrade)?
If you update the Kameleon to the latest version2 and you don’t like it or you have some trouble using it. You can downgrade to Kameleon 1. Just remove the theme and all the plugins and upload your old Kameleon V1.6. If you needed help please contact us.